Understanding the Basics of Garage Door Installation

If you are in need of installing a new garage door, it is always wise to consult professional garage door companies in this field. Many homeowners hire an Indianapolis garage door supplier to assist them in the garage door installation projects. There is a lot of good garage door installer available on the internet. They are more than pleased to help you.

Actually, there are two basic types of garage door operating systems. A standard torsion spring operating system consists of a large spring, drum system, and cables which are manually wounded under tremendous pressure. They are extremely dangerous to handle. A minor mistake can give you several injuries and damages. Extension springs do not have drums like torsion springs. This system does not have manually wound springs.

Recent models of garage doors come with users’ manuals to guide you in the installation process. It is always recommended that you should carefully read the instructions mentioned in the manual before installing the high-end garage doors. Let’s have a look at how garage door installation work will perform: 

  • Each garage door comes in multiple sections which need to be assembled correctly. It is always good to get these sections assembled in a right order before setting them accordingly. Working on a sawhorse can be beneficial. As assembling the sections of garage door is the major and time-consuming process in the installation process, working on a sawhorse can be a good idea.  
  • Once all the sections are assembled, you need to remove the existing garage door (if any). At the first stage, you should check the type of springs used in the current garage door to ensure the smooth process of installation (it actually helps you in releasing the tension from old spring and removing the current garage door safely).
  • The most important part of the garage door installation process is balancing and leveling the first section of garage door within the frame, since the remaining sections will put on the top of first section. Maintaining the alignment of first sections is important.  If the whole placement is off even by a bit due to misaligned first section, then the whole garage door might be placed in a crooked way. 
  • Once the first section of the garage door is placed on the frame, remaining process will not take too much effort and time. The tracks should be adjusted in a right order and then attach to the rollers. Garage door runs on tracks with the help of rollers for the smooth operations.

Overall, garage door installation is a Do-It-Yourself job for ordinary individuals. It is strongly recommended that hire a professional garage door installer to install a garage door safely and correctly.