Should I Install My Automatic Garage Door On My Own?

An automatic garage door is one of the wonders of our advanced technological world. The invention goes a long way to making our lives convenient and comfortable. Having a remotely controlled garage door is no less than a blessing until something goes wrong with the system and it needs to be replaced.

People take their garage doors for granted and use them as a machine that opens and closes, allowing them to put their cars into and out of the garage. They are completely wrong in their conception; a garage door does a lot for us. If you have an attached garage, an insulated garage door creates a seal between your house and the outside weather and other elements. Consequently, it also reduces energy costs by maintaining the inside temperature. It also adds value, and curb appeal, and increases the overall security of your house. All of these statements give you a good reason to install an efficient and perfect garage door by professional garage door installation Dayton, Ohio services.

To save some money and learn new things, some people attempt to install the new garage door on their own. Remember that it is a project that may sound easier than it really is so, you need to be careful. An automatic garage door can weigh up to 1000 pounds based on the material and structure of the garage door.  It is not the right job for one person; enlist the help of your handy friend when you are going to perform the garage door installation work. You will be glad for the professional help as your work will go through the various steps you need to perform to ensure a successful garage door project. Following are the important steps:

  • Start your project by connecting the tracks to the drive unit including the motor.
  • Attach the rest of the tracks and panels together.
  • Add the mounting brackets at the end of the tracks sections.
  • Connect the motor to the beam.
  • Make an electrical connection between the motor and the wall mount switch.
  • Install the safety beams at the bottom of garage door tracks.
  • Place the garage door opener.
  • Make sure that once you have finished the process of installing a garage door, you need to test the garage door to ensure everything is tightened and aligned correctly.

A garage door installation project can be dangerous if you are not familiar with the structure of the garage door and don’t know how to handle the garage door. Never attempt this job, if you don’t know what you are doing because you need to work with the torsion springs and electricity. It is a really important decision to take as to how the installation works need to be done. You should follow the installation instructions mentioned in the manual provided by the manufacturer. If at any point, you feel confused while performing the work, stop it immediately and call the professional garage door installer. It is important to note here that it is not the right job for amateur persons, no matter how intelligent you are.