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The Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance

Keeping the garage door torsion springs in a good working position is the most important step which you can take to ensure that your garage door will function efficiently and safely. Although other parts of the garage door including cables, panels, and tracks also need periodic care and maintenance garage door springs are the key component to save the cost of the hassle of garage door repair in a long run. Here you will learn how preventative measurements help you to keep your overhead garage door functioning like new.

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your garage door:

There are several simple steps that will give your overhead garage door a longer and efficient life. For example, you will have to clean and lubricate the tracks, pulleys, and other important hardware every six months using a light silicone spray and high-quality lubricant. All the loose hardware including screws, bolts, and nuts should be tightened to make them secure. Damaged weather stripping should be fixed or replaced to make sure that the garage door will be sealed properly.

The garage door will stay longer if you spend enough time to give it careful inspection and maintenance on regular basis. These tasks include finding out the signs of wear and tear, frayed cables, rusted parts, and dented tracks. You will have to test the strength of locks periodically and the performance of safety sensors to make sure that they are working properly. These safety measurements will help you to keep your garage door running properly and prolong its overall life. And definitely, if you are not sure about how to conduct these procedures, it is good to consult a professional garage door expert to take care of your garage door for you.

Are you thinking, what you cannot handle on your own is anything with the torsion spring? They can be dangerous to handle and need professional assistance. Under normal circumstances, annual garage door maintenance is enough to keep the garage door working well. In commercial setups, where the garage door is operated multiple times each day, professionals suggested twice-yearly maintenance.

Safety inspection of garage door:

Thousands of people are injured or even killed by malfunctioning garage doors each year. They got injured due to a fallen garage door as a result of broken torsion springs. In addition to normal garage door maintenance, ask your garage door technical to offer safety inspections at least once a year. A certified garage door technician will be able to determine whether the garage door parts need to be fixed or replaced. They also have the proper knowledge to upgrade your device with current safety features.

The importance of garage door springs repair and replacement:

On average, the garage door is operated around 1500 cycles each year. One cycle consists of one opening and closing process. Due to the negligence in garage door maintenance, the track becomes misaligned, the roller can get frozen, and springs can break, necessitating the replacement of the garage door part. Sometimes, the garage door openers become malfunctioned, leaving your garage door stuck halfway open. The imbalanced or misaligned garage door tracks make the garage door operation hard. Worst of all, the springs got broke causing the garage door to abruptly fall. In some cases, the broken pieces of tightly coiled springs fly through the air causing damages to property, serious injuries, or even death. Preventative measurements will save you from the hassle of dealing with unexpected troubles and keep your family safe.    

Simple Tips to Do Basic Garage Door Repair

For all those who have car and garage door, garage door maintenance and repair is a common struggling thing. If you have installed a garage door, you need to make sure that it will work in its good running state.

You should conduct regular garage door inspection and maintenance to avoid future hassles. In addition to this, you will not have to call a professional in case some minor problems need repairs. In this article, I describe a lot of effective tips and techniques which will help you conduct minor repairs on your own. Click on the link to get more details about the importance of garage door maintenance and repair.

Metal mounting brackets of garage door: Check the panels and metal mounting brackets to make sure that they are not loose at all. The moving parts like screws, nuts, and bolts have a trend to be loose due to continuous movement and fractions on them. You should tighten all the loose components to make them secure. However, if the metal tracks or brackets are badly damaged, you should replace them with ones.

Alignment of garage door panels: Garage door panels need to be aligned properly. It is also important to make sure that both tracks are at the same height on the wall of the garage. To fix the misaligned panel, you will have to lose the screws and bolts and then move it to its original place with great care. After accomplishing the task, don’t forget to tighten the mounting brackets once again.

Clean the garage door tracks: Make sure that the garage door track is clean from dirt, dust, or any other substance. In the same manner, they should be free from any type of greasy agent. You should also clean the rollers and hinges properly. You just need to use a mild household liquid and tap water to clean them. It is good to wash the garage door periodically to keep it clean from all debris and running smoothly.

Lubricate the garage door tracks and rollers: These parts will work properly only if they are cleaned and lubricated regularly. You may use any good quality lubricant spray for this purpose. Using any household oil is also good. Pour few drops of oil on the required part and leave it for about 30 minutes to be set. Regular lubrication is compulsory to keep the garage door mechanism functional.

Garage door springs: These springs are used to support the weight of the garage door while opening and closing. They will become loose or worn out with the passage of time. If they lose their strength, they should be readjusted or replaced. They should be shifted to their next hole or notch. If you find it hard to adjust or replace the springs on your own, you should hire a professional garage door expert to do this. If your garage door has extension springs, you just need to pull the cable to adjust their tension.

Stay safe: If your garage door is damaged badly, don’t make the mistake to handle it on your own. Why should not you conduct DIY garage door repair? The reason behind it is that the badly broken garage door is dangerous to handle. You may end up with severe injuries or damages to your building. So if you have determined that your garage door needs major repair or replacement, you should contact a professional garage door technician as soon as possible.

Conclusion: So, these are a few tips and tricks which you can follow if you want to attempt DIY garage door repair. As I said earlier, minor garage door problems do not need the assistance of professionals but major problems always require professional help. In simple words, contact an experienced garage door expert if you feel that garage door damages are beyond your abilities.

Garage Door Repair: Top Three Frequently Asked Questions

When your garage door stops functioning, you may find yourself in a big disaster. Getting late from office or an evening party on account of a non-functioned garage door may be the least of your concerns. A garage door might be ignored due to your busy lifestyle. There may be the possibility that garage door springs or tracks broke. It may hurt you or someone else if it will fall suddenly. A malfunctioned could also allow unwanted people to enter your house. That is why; garage door should be repaired or maintained when the first trouble occurred. Check the link to get more information about garage door repair and maintenance. Following is a list of question that normally runs through your head while contacting a professional. 

How do I maintain my garage door to keep in working condition?

Garage door repair or maintenance may not be costly. Replacement can be more expensive. It is good to inspect the garage door regularly to find out its particular needs and requirements. Keep your garage door well maintained and functioned needs cleaning and lubrication occasionally. Clean every part of the garage door to prevent the accumulation of grease, dust, and dirt. You can also use a mild detergent to remove the harder dirt. Just make sure that they are wiped to dry completely. All the moving parts should be lubricated after washing. You should use any household oil or silicone spray to lubricate all the moving parts. Apply some powdered graphite on the garage door tracks to make them move smoothly.

How to troubleshoot the problems?

There may some defective areas that you will fix on your own. This is a field where you can use your technical skills to make a garage door functional again. Inspect the brackets of garage door carefully to find out any loose hinges, screws, or bolts. You should tighten up all the loose parts.

Check the garage door tracks to maintain their alignment and balance. The garage door springs system is the most important component which should be maintained regularly. If you found any loose or rusted cables, replace them quickly. In the case of broken garage door springs, they should be replaced as soon as possible. It wise not to attempt a DIY garage door springs repair work because it can be challenging for you. Hire a skilled technician to deal with the garage door springs. Check the garage door balance by implementing a simple test. Disconnect the garage door opener to operate the garage door manually. If it moves smoothly then the garage door is in a good working position.

When to hire a garage door repair services?

In the case of minor garage door issues such as, garage door tracks alignment, tapping out the dented area, tighten up the loose brackets, and other lubrication tasks do not need professional assistance. However, if your garage door has broken garage door springs, you will need the help of professionals as it can be a dangerous task for you. Garage door torsion springs are placed under extreme tension which may hurt or even kill you, if not handled carefully.

Most of the common garage door problems can be avoided through regular garage door maintenance. Every electric device is subject to wear and tear especially the garage door which is frequently used. You can fix the minor garage door problems on your own. You can also perform some maintenance and lubrication routines to keep it working forever. For anything else, you should hire a professional garage door company.